Mayor of MakinSense Babe – Ryan Bonnell

Hey there

Ryan Bonnell is a premium MSB Cheat Sheet member and this week’s mayor of MSB. What does it take to become mayor?

A pulse, a picture, and a good attitude, just like Tinder. 

 Hey there

Q: What is one thing you do every day that most people don’t know?

A:  I’m always looking for my next adventure so I probably spend 5 -10 minutes per day looking at airfares for work or personal trips.

(I’m sure your boss loves that).

Q: On a scale of 0 – 10, how annoying do you find finance people and why?

A: 7. Many don’t know what they’re talking about (except for the MSB Cheat Sheet. Ok fine, we added that part). 

Q: What is your ideal Saturday?

A: Brunch with friends, a hike in the Hollywood hills, and dinner at a new restaurant. I also like going to CAL football games in the Fall. 

(So on a scale of 1 – 10, you’re 150% white).

Q: How many cigarettes have you had in your entire life +/- 1000?

A: No more than 15.

(doubt that).

Q: What is your favorite inspirational thing your mom told you growing up?

A: You can’t always make other people happy. You can only control your own happiness.

Mayor Bonnell signing off from somewhere up in the air.