Stockchoker Interview

Stockchoker interview. Cool tool @msbcheatsheet

I sat down with Todd Froemling last week. He created this cool tool called Stockchoker. You enter any stock or fund and then can instantly compare its track record (performance) to a fund or stock your broker or advisor is slinging at you. All the data is powered by Yahoo Finance. While we know “past performance is not 100% indicative of the future,” gimme a break, the longer the track record of that stock or fund, the more often it really is.

Who is Todd?

Todd is a software engineer at Motorola Solutions. He decided to switch careers – from sports journalism to computer science – after watching his brother do amazing things as a technical director at Pixar and later as an independent video game developer. Todd earned a Master’s in computer science from North Central College in 2014.

He enjoys building websites in his free time and recently became very interested in the stock market. During a conversation with his parents about their investment strategies, a question arose regarding the appreciation of Apple stock over the past 15 years.

Thinking it would be quick and easy to find the answer, Todd hopped online. Several charts, articles and calculations later, he came to the realization it wasn’t as simple as it should be. That’s when he set out to build Stockchoker on nights and weekends.

How would you use Stockchoker?

If someone says you should buy “x” fund and you see that there’s a 5% load and a 1.3% annual fee (both fairly ridiculous), punch in the numbers in Stockchoker, then punch in the comparable (cheaper) index fund. Sounds like your brokers worst nightmare and MSB Cheat Sheeter’s new secret weapon. Love it.

Just watch.