Target’s Stunt – So Obvious. Hint: Potatoes

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While we feel semi-sorry for the people who waited for hours outside of Target to purchase Lily Pulitzer, and then were greeted with this upon entering….


…we actually feel more sorry that you don’t realize you were just punked by a retailer who used the oldest potato trick on the planet.

In the late 1700s King Frederick of Prussia heard about the potato and thought it would be a great idea to introduce potatoes to Germany. So what did he do? He ordered his people to plant potatoes.

One of the problems he faced was there were once traces of poisonous substances found in potatoes that caused leprosy. So of course, his people did not want to plant potatoes even though he knew they were a good crop with high nutritional value and good for their economy.

So what did The King do? He planted a potato field.

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On Instagram he preached about how amazing potatoes are to the locals.

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He had his soldiers guard the potato fields at night. This of course piqued the interest from locals.


The King then told his soldiers to continue guarding the potatoes, but to let some of the locals steal some without the locals knowing the guards where intentionally letting them sneak some out. So basically just let some of the supply leak, intentionally, but keep it controlled.


Demand for the potato surged.

The end.

Sorry. No Lily tunics for you for your 1,242 Facebook pics you’ll unload on us from your trip to Marriott By The Sea.

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