Watch: SPARK Finance interview with Howard Lindzon

Tinder for stocks. Swipe aaaaaaaand you're gone. Bye.

We are starting a new segment here on The MSB Cheat Sheet called Notes From The Edge. I’ll be interviewing people who have awesome advice or products that will give you an edge with your money.

Truth be told, I came up with the name because some days I feel like I’m falling off the edge so you can interpret the segment title anyway you like, depending how your day is going.

Today my day is going great.

Why? I’ll tell you. We have a very special guest for you in this segment.

Howard Lindzon. He is co-founder and CEO of StockTwits, GP at Social Leverage, and creator of Wallstrip (acquired by CBS).

In his “free” time, he’s a board member and investor in SPARK Finance, which is what you’re getting an inside look into today.

SPARK is a mobile-only stock discovery tool. It is dubbed Tinder for stocks in that with a simple swipe you can engage with the stock or pretend like it never existed and it’s dead to you. You can share beautifully designed SPARK cards that look like this……

Sorry could we have our cars back @SparkFin

Tesla S

….or sit back and enjoy the clever wit of the fun facts that are pushed at you for the nanoseconds that you’re waiting for your new stock screens: “This might be off topic, but man, can you believe how bad season 2 of True Detectives was.”

But let’s be clear. There are no stock recommendations in the app. Howard says SPARK “is a tool to help people learn the language of the markets.” For those of you who know Howard, the markets is one of his greatest loves in life, after popcorn and his Lululemons.

There are limited visuals so you can watch the video below or roll it like a podcast. Grab your popcorn, pour yourself a beer, and watch this fifteen minute video-cast where Howard dishes it on the SPARK vision, who SPARK is trying to crush, and advice if you’re thinking of creating an app (or need a job!)


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