What did Google just do to their company and is it good or bad? Let me google it

What did Google just do?

Google is getting a new name, it’s called Alphabet. Why did they do this? So they can ditch assets that never worked and rev up ones that are working.

Investors love transparency. Did you know Google has a business called Calico that is trying to make your life longer? Exactly. No you did not and if you did, are you dying?

Now their “side hustles” won’t be buried in the depths of all of Google’s ad revenue business and investors love this.

So. Alphabet is the new parent and will have several subsidiaries below it, including Google, so we can clearly see which business lines are working, or not working.

We happen to believe Google will start hemorrhaging business lines (sell them or bury them) once it’s clear(er) to investors which ones “aren’t” working. eBay is doing that as we speak.

Until then, try not to get run over by one of Google’s self driving cars. Watch below and don’t screw this up, get our MSB Cheat Sheet every Friday directly to your inbox—-> here.